Licenced ASX trading data vendors

Over the past few years we have found that there is an ever increasing need for inexpensive access to the Australian Stock Exchange information, in particular End of Day Data, which is vital to operate stock market charting systems. We saw that there was a large portion of active, learning and 'just want to know' Traders that were being forced to pay exorbitant prices for their needs.

We decided to offer a 'no-frills', low cost solution to access this data, whilst maintaining the accuracy of the information. All data is obtained direct from the Australian Stock Exchange, under licence, and Cooltrader Pty Ltd have legal rights to supply this information.

You will not find any fancy downloading software, nor any programmes that are capable of manipulating YOUR database or YOUR computer. Just simple plain files that you can read with your own eyes and import to your own database, maintaining your own control.