Why is the data sometimes delayed?

There can be many reasons for this, but the main reason is usually a problem with the ASX system delivering the final prices to us on time. Conducting millions of transactions every day can cause errors and meltdowns from time to time and delays do occur occassionally. A message will usually be displayed to indicate a delay but unfortunately we are not given estimates of time for correction of the problems so we cannot pass on this information.

The next main reason would be power or internet outages. In this event we attempt to utilise one of several remote systems that we have which is usually successful, but not always. If we are unable to overcome a power or internet problem there will, of course, be no message to inform you of the problem.

Emails that are sent to us will not be received until the problem is resolved and at that time the data will be loaded anyway.

Any other issue that arises will be included in the Announcements area of your dashboard.